Living a Lie

Hello! I know this is very sluggish but this was an idea I had brainstormed for awhile. Inspiration has been a sturggle all month but just had some creative energy to get this old idea done. Hope y'all had a great time on the holidays and now looking forward to the new year! Enjoy the read!


Hello, just taking a hiatus with the holidays. I am however, working on another comic that I will eventually put to my Pixiv once completed. Don't worry for those who have given my caption requests, I haven't forgotten. Just a little complicated with work and all that IRL jazz. So I hope to see you all in the new year! Happy holidays to all!!

Update: 12-21-2019: I'm sorry, I'm really bad at organizing my blog!

Satisfying Needs


Family Struggles


When they say "Calm your ass down"

So sorry it's been almost 3 weeks since I've last posted something, starting to get myself into other types of captions from others. So here's my first Role Exchanger, hope you enjoy!

A Fun Night at the Tavern

Happy Halloween! I had a Halloween special I wanted to do but lost track of time, I will work on them for later posts, in the mean time enjoy this!
(Update) Sorry I had to fix a few spelling and grammar errors I noticed

The Tricksters and the Strangers

Back again with a new one! Sorry about the hiatus just been super busy, hope this can help get me back in the grove of things! Enjoy the read!

The New Brains Behind the Company

Art belongs to sasakuma kyouta This is for now going to be my last request. Don't worry I still have more to go through, I just have a busy work week coming up and just need a break. So with that enjoy this latest read!

A Bad Reputation or One that can be Fixed?

Kept this one saved for awhile, a request from! Great captions to read from! That is currently it but not finished with what more requests I have coming in the future so stay tuned!

Careful What You Say

Another juicy evil possession request!  Art belongs to Jujunaught